Nagios XI Training

Orsenna specializes in offering comprehensive training and professional services for Nagios XI solutions worldwide. All of our trainers are engineers involved in the current deployment of WhatsUp projects. We will use their experience to help your team. Our specialized training helps our customers to maximize their investment on their monitoring solution.

Our training help on

  • Providing step-by-step training for your staff through the creation of specific examples in real-time.
  • Ensure full realization of product features and benefits through in-depth knowledge transfer on best practices and recommendations

On site you may take advantage of our dedicated Lab which provides thousand simulated routers, switches, servers and also a large panel of applications

We deliver our training on the following format:

  • Standard Course: 2 Days (Max 5 students)
  • Professional Course: 3 days (Max 5 students)
  • Expert Course: 5 days (Max 5 students)

The standard course ensure full realization of product features and benefits through in-depth knowledge transfer on all functions of the core NMS component

The professional course begins with providing an in-depth understanding of the Simple Network management Protocol and other monitoring protocols or solutions (WMI, NRPE, JMX,..) . This course ensures full realization of product and add-ons features and benefits through in-depth knowledge transfer. Through a live lab, participants will be able to customize their own system.

The expert course is recommended training for individuals seeking knowledge and expertise in areas ranging from day-to-day administration to extended customization. All areas of the products will be covered from SNMP to Application monitoring and from Netflow based configuration to IP SLA.

The courses are delivered:

  • OnSite: This training can be tailored based upon the clients’ skill sets. Upon request we may use directly the customer environment instead of our live lab. (Max 5 students)
  • Remote: training uses screen-sharing technology allowing significant cost savings. This training can also be tailored.
  • Public Training: This course enables students from different companies to utilize the features and functionality of their system to gain maximum advantage of monitoring and managing their network environment. This course is on a 3 day basis (cost per student, max 5 students)